Updated For 6.2.2 Warlords of Draenor

Welcome to WoW Popular! Talents, Glyphs, Gear and Gems are now updated for Level 100! Enchants will be updated in the next few days.

Class Spec Popularity Talents Link
Mage Arcane 6 star
Mage Arcane 4 star
Mage Arcane 3 star
Mage Arcane 2 star
Mage Arcane 2 star
Mage Arcane 2 star
Popularity Type Glyph
5 star Major Glyph of Slow
4 star Major Glyph of Arcane Power
3 star Major Glyph of Regenerative Ice
6 star Minor Glyph of Illusion
4 star Minor Glyph of Momentum
3 star Minor Glyph of Rapid Teleportation
Slot Popularity Enchant
Back 6 star Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect
+180 Intellect
Main Hand 4 star Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit
Jade Spirit
Shoulder 3 star Greater Crane Wing Inscription
+200 Intellect and +100 Critical Strike
Off Hand 2 star Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect
+165 Intellect
Boots 2 star Enchant Boots - Greater Haste
+175 Haste
Chest 2 star Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
+80 All Stats
Hands 2 star Enchant Gloves - Greater Haste
+170 Haste
Legs 1 star Greater Cerulean Spellthread
+285 Intellect and +165 Critical Strike
Bracer 1 star Enchant Bracer - Minor Health
+5 Health
Color Popularity Gem Quality
Prismatic 6 star Mastery Taladite
+35 Mastery
Prismatic 2 star Multistrike Taladite
+35 Multistrike
Prismatic 2 star Greater Mastery Taladite
+50 Mastery
Prismatic 2 star Brilliant Primordial Ruby
Prismatic 1 star Haste Taladite
+35 Haste
Prismatic 1 star Critical Strike Taladite
+35 Critical Strike