Updated For 7.1.0 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 29 Nov 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Boots6 star Biornskin Moccasins845
Boots5 star Brinewashed Leather Boots825
Boots5 star Stained Maggot Squishers865
Boots4 star Trampling Warboots850
Boots4 star Crimson Wool-Lined Slippers850
Boots4 star Shellshock Footguards805
Boots4 star Dreadhide Boots840
Boots4 star Cozy Dryad Hoof-Socks850
Boots3 star Skoldiir Sabatons820
Boots3 star Rivermane Sandals850
Boots3 star Black Venom Sabatons850
Boots3 star Nightsfall Sabatons835
Boots3 star Tideskorn Sabatons805
Boots3 star Dreadleather Footpads of the Harmonious815
Boots3 star Terrorweave Boots845
Boots3 star Swordsinger's Footpads850
Boots3 star Boots of Endless Betrayal870
Boots3 star Ley Dragoon's Stompers830
Boots3 star Aggramar's Stride895
Boots3 star Arcane Defender's Boots820
Boots3 star Bleak Underworld Treads835
Boots2 star Bonespeaker Sandals815
Boots2 star Rockbound Sabatons825
Boots2 star Scored Ironclaw Sabatons850
Boots2 star Malignant Sabatons855
Boots2 star Grove Darkener's Treads835
Boots2 star Curserunner Soulcrushers840
Boots2 star Horizon Line Warboots825
Boots2 star Salt-Laden Stompers840
Boots2 star Bitestone Boots810
Boots2 star Rook Footman's Warboots825
Boots2 star Norgannon's Foresight895
Boots2 star Bramblemail Boots820
Boots2 star Tooled Rivermoor Boots810
Boots2 star Manawracker Sandals840
Boots2 star Leadfoot Earthshakers825
Boots2 star Felbat Leather Boots805
Boots2 star Valkyra Protector Greatboots845
Boots2 star Demonsteel Boots of the Feverflare815
Boots2 star Slippers of Martyrdom810