Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

Welcome to Legion!

Popular class talent trees, and Demon Hunter data for the Pre Patch are now available. Data on this site has been frozen with WoD 6.2.3. Artifact Weapon Talent Trees, Gear and Gems will be updated for Level 110 shortly after Legion is released.

Data Last Updated: 28 Aug 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Bracer6 star Wristclasps of Righteous Reckoning705
Bracer5 star Bracers of Perfect Discomfort705
Bracer4 star Terrorweave Wristwraps705
Bracer4 star Supreme Felchain Bracers705
Bracer4 star Rotmonger Bracers640
Bracer4 star Felshroud Bindings700
Bracer4 star Bracers of Cursed Cries640
Bracer4 star Felbane Bracers of the Savage675
Bracer3 star Bracers of Mirrored Flame655
Bracer3 star Felcast Bracers of the Savage675
Bracer3 star Bracers of Spare Skin655
Bracer3 star Crazed Bomber's Bracers of the Savage645
Bracer3 star Spine-Ripper Bracers640
Bracer3 star Axeclaw Bracers of the Deft650
Bracer3 star Bracer of Amputation640
Bracer3 star Bladefang Bracers of the Feverflare650
Bracer3 star Crystal-Woven Bracers655
Bracer3 star Contemptuous Wristguards700
Bracer3 star Bracers of the Crying Chorus655
Bracer3 star Breach-Scarred Wristplates700
Bracer3 star Bracers of Fel Empowerment700
Bracer2 star Bracers of Volatile Ice of the Aurora645
Bracer2 star Manacles of the Multitudes700
Bracer2 star Wristplate of the Wretched695
Bracer2 star Bracers of Martial Perfection695
Bracer2 star Felforged Vambraces700
Bracer2 star Fel-Infused Bracers700
Bracer2 star Fleshmelter Bracers695
Bracer2 star Bracers of Determined Resolve of the Peerless645
Bracer2 star Bracers of Shattered Stalactites695
Bracer2 star Verdant Plate Wristguards630
Bracer2 star Squire's Electroplated Bracers695
Bracer2 star Undying Bracers of the Merciless645
Bracer2 star Hexweave Bracers of the Strategist640
Bracer2 star Bracers of Enkindled Power695
Bracer2 star Bloodcult Bracers710
Bracer2 star Bracers of Darkened Skies680
Bracer2 star Truesteel Armguards of the Fireflash640
Bracer2 star Plainsthunder Bracers602
Bracer2 star Gutcrusher Bracers630