Updated For 7.3 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 22 Oct 2017

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Head6 star Farseer's Mask810
Head4 star Helmet of the Skybreaker930
Head3 star Uncertain Reminder910
Head3 star Greyed Dragonscale Coif850
Head3 star Helm of Shackled Elements875
Head2 star Tideskorn Coif825
Head2 star Oronaar Disciple's Coif of the Harmonious880
Head2 star Bramblemail Helm840
Head2 star Sea Stalker's Hood840
Head2 star Manaburst Helm830
Head2 star Coif of Unstable Discharge865
Head1 star Galvanized Stormscale Helm of the Peerless850
Head1 star Cave Skulker's Helm875
Head1 star Ley Dragoon's Headgear835
Head1 star Collar of Honorable Exultation840
Head1 star Helm of the Betrayed855
Head1 star Architect's Coif of Despair875
Head1 star Vilescale Helm810
Head1 star Hood of Fading Opportunity885
Head1 star Skyhorn Headgear820
Head1 star Collar of Blindsight830
Head1 star Mountain Throne Coif840
Head1 star Azure Squallshaper's Helm900
Head1 star Shadow Archer's Helm840
Head1 star Collar of Fiery Allegiance840
Head1 star Crown of Discarded Hope900
Head1 star Helm of Endless Dunes845
Head1 star Gorrog's Serene Gaze845
Head1 star Ered'ruin Coif880
Head1 star Cowl of Promising News850
Head1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Ringmail Helm of the Harmonious880
Head1 star Gravenscale Warhelm of the Feverflare850
Head1 star Mithril Melon Vault850
Head1 star Isle Watcher's Helm850
Head1 star Mardum Chain Helm840
Head1 star Shrinebreaker Coif885
Head1 star Imposing Dreadsoul Headgear905
Head1 star Helm of the Vigilant Eye935
Head1 star Ferocious Gladiator's Ringmail Helm of the Harmonious880
Head1 star Castellan's Blinders865