Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

Welcome to Legion!

Popular class talent trees, and Demon Hunter data for the Pre Patch are now available. Data on this site has been frozen with WoD 6.2.3. Artifact Weapon Talent Trees, Gear and Gems will be updated for Level 110 shortly after Legion is released.

Data Last Updated: 28 Aug 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Neck6 star Choker of Reciprocity705
Neck5 star Shifting Taladite Pendant of the Harmonious640
Neck4 star Vexed Necklace of the Merciless675
Neck3 star Flechette-Riddled Chain655
Neck3 star Gorefeather Pendant of the Deft645
Neck3 star Void-Sealed Gorget705
Neck3 star Gorget of Whirling Blades of the Relentless615
Neck3 star Reaver's Nose Ring670
Neck2 star Windseal Necklace600
Neck2 star Necklace of Flowing Light705
Neck2 star Choker of the Great Betrayer705
Neck2 star Necklace of Volatile Anomalies640
Neck2 star Sabermaw Scarfang's Choker608
Neck2 star Darklight Necklace695
Neck2 star Stormshot Choker630
Neck2 star Engineer's Grounded Gorget695
Neck2 star Locket of Unholy Reconstitution700
Neck2 star Whispering Taladite Pendant of the Fanatic640
Neck2 star Fireblade Collar636
Neck2 star Sunbleached Warsong Chain602
Neck2 star Choker of Bestial Force701
Neck2 star Skulltooth Chain630
Neck2 star Embittered Locket of the Peerless675
Neck2 star Champion's Medallion655
Neck2 star World Ender's Gorget705
Neck2 star Mistdancer Choker640
Neck2 star Legionnaire's Fel Pendant700
Neck2 star Talisman of the Fomor695
Neck2 star Infernal Cord700
Neck2 star Collar of Wailing Mouths655
Neck2 star Odyssian Choker655
Neck2 star Sweet Perfume Broach635
Neck2 star Discordant Amulet of the Guileful650
Neck1 star Discordant Collar of the Windshaper650
Neck1 star Choker of Whispered Promises700
Neck1 star Primal Combatant's Necklace of Cruelty620
Neck1 star Contained Fel Orb Locket695
Neck1 star Tide-Caller's Gorget640
Neck1 star Thorny Choker of Suffering685
Neck1 star Faulty Detonator Cord690