Updated For 7.0.3 Legion

All data is current for Legion. Newly added: Popular Relics for your artifact weapon.

Data Last Updated: 25 Sep 2016

Item Level


SlotPopularity ▾ItemILvl
Shoulder6 star Seawitch Mantle810
Shoulder3 star Manawracker Shoulders830
Shoulder3 star Slipstream Shoulderpads840
Shoulder3 star Mana-Flecked Mantle800
Shoulder3 star Imbued Silkweave Epaulets of the Aurora815
Shoulder3 star Hrydshal Shoulderpads of the Aurora830
Shoulder3 star Sunfrost Mantle825
Shoulder2 star Snowblind Mantle803
Shoulder2 star Bonespeaker Mantle805
Shoulder2 star Amice of Cruel Laughter805
Shoulder2 star Infernal Mantle of Conquest825
Shoulder2 star Terrorweave Pauldrons825
Shoulder2 star Thorignir Punisher Spaulders799
Shoulder2 star Night Dreamer Mantle805
Shoulder2 star Ravencourt Formal Mantle840
Shoulder2 star Roggthread Mantle810
Shoulder2 star Deathrattle Shoulderpads741
Shoulder2 star Mantle of the Eredar Lord745
Shoulder2 star Shoulderpads of Crashing Waves830
Shoulder2 star Fel-Infused Spaulders700
Shoulder2 star Amice of Steadfast Allies793
Shoulder1 star Slime-Stacked Shoulderpads793
Shoulder1 star Nightvale Mantle789
Shoulder1 star Vindictive Gladiator's Felweave Amice of the Harmonious850
Shoulder1 star Lair Matron's Spaulders840
Shoulder1 star Pinerock Tracker's Amice789
Shoulder1 star Pilot's Pauldrons690
Shoulder1 star Runespeaker's Mantle803
Shoulder1 star Shotgun Rider's Shoulderpads783
Shoulder1 star Cyno's Mantle of Sin840
Shoulder1 star Ancient Dreamwoven Mantle850
Shoulder1 star Starlance Amice789
Shoulder1 star Felfume Mantle695
Shoulder1 star Shadow Council's Mantle685
Shoulder1 star Magnificent Aeroglide Shoulderpads850
Shoulder1 star Leywalker Amice779
Shoulder1 star Amice of Phantasmal Power695
Shoulder1 star Arcane Singed Mantle810
Shoulder1 star Felcast Mantle of the Feverflare695
Shoulder1 star Vindictive Combatant's Felweave Amice of the Feverflare805