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WoW Popular Now Has full Gear, Gem, Enchant, Glyph and Reforge stats for Cataclysm

WoW Popular has now been updated to include all the popular talent builds, glyphs, gems, enchants and gear from Cataclysm!

We’ve spent the last few weeks scouring the Blizzard armory for level 85 characters and have recorded the stats for each character we have found.

And we’ve scanned quite a few! We have scanned the gear, enchants, gems and reforges for over 600,000 characters, and the talent builds for 200,000 of the most progressed characters. Our total character database (including lower level characters) is over 2 milllion!

We have so far recorded over 5 million items of gear, 1.3 million gems and a staggering 13 million talent points to create all the wowpopular tables.

And here’s an interesting stat. 52% of all characters scanned have a shirt equipped and 89% have a tabard.


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  1. Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai Says:

    This is the number one website I visit for advice. Granted, I don’t always take it, but researching never hurts.
    (e.g.: I decided to stick with marksmanship, even though the top 50 hunter talents don’t include any MM builds, and survival dominates 90% of the list. No matter what, I stay true to my favorite talent tree.)
    p.s.: I have both a shirt and a tabard equipped at all times.

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