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How To Use This Site

It’s easy to use this site!

  1. Click on your class on the left sidebar
  2. A list of the most popular talent builds, glyphs, gear, enchants and gems for your class is shown.
  3. Click on one of the headings to see more information on a section you are interested in.

You can customize your search to show only a specific spec by clicking on the spec on the left of the page. You can also customize to your playstyle; see below.


As well as scanning talents from the armory, the system also checks the character’s gear and chooses an appropriate playstyle.

  • “Raid” indicates most gear has come from raiding either 10 or 25 man dungeons.
  • “PvP” indicates most gear has been attained from honor or marks in Arenas or Battlegrounds.
  • “Instances” indicates most gear obtained has dropped from an instance mob or boss.
  • The “Quest” playstyle means most gear has come from completing quests
  • “Crafted” indicates most gear has been crafted from professions. This link is most useful for finding what crafted gear you can create for your character before heading into raids.

Playstyles are split in the system because PvE specs are usually different from PvP specs. Click on the playstyle that matches your preference to see the most popular builds for that playstyle. If no playstyles are checked, all are shown.

Seeing More Information

Some categories (like gear, gems and enchants) have an additional filter for either a gear slot, or a gem color. Click on those extra links that appear to filter your search further, like to find the popular Blue Epic gems for your Fire Mage.

Talent Builds

To see the specific talents for a build, click on Talents at the top of the page. A list of popular talent builds for your chosen class and spec are displayed. Click on the [Spec] link in the Build column to see the full talent spec.

The “Differences” column shows the talent differences between similar builds. Using this column, you can quickly see the differences between two builds. If the column contains the word Build with a number, the build is a core build used to compare with other builds. If the column shows a build number with plus and minus signs and icons, it is showing the talent changes between the build on this row, and the core build with that number. For instance:

Any icons with a blue background and a plus to the left are new talent points added to this build that were not in the core build. Icons on a red backgound and a minus sign are talent points that were removed from the core build to create this build.

In the example, this build has replaced one point of Piercing Ice and two points of the Piercing Chill talents of Build 1 with 3 points in Burning Soul. To find the names, hold your mouse over the icon to see a tooltip. You can click into the icon to find more information about what that talent does. The number of points added or removed can be found by looking at the Rank in the tooltip. For example, in the image below, 2 points were removed from Piercing Blow.


Click on the Glyphs link on the top left of the page to show the popular prime, major and minor glyphs chosen for your character.

Gear, Enchants and Gems

Similarly, click on either the Gear, Enchants or Gems links at the top left of the page to show the most popular gear for each slot, enchants for each slot, and gems per color. All lists change according to playstyle (PvPers usually show resistance gear and gems with little Hit stats) and spec (Healers don’t use hit, while rogues don’t use Spell Power).


Finally, the reforges link shows the most popular spec changes made by reforging.

If you have any questions about this site, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will create a FAQ.

5 Responses to “How To Use This Site”

  1. Aerei Says:

    Very nifty site idea. I was just wondering if it’d at all be possible to add a function where we can plug in our own build and search for its popularity directly? Perhaps by copying and pasting the address of it from the official or WoWHead talent calculators?

  2. Ken Brown Says:

    Very nice site! I have one suggestion: Would it be possible to add a filter for player level? While it’s nice to see the most popular build for top-level characters, it seems that it would also be nice to be able to see the builds lower level characters are using. If it’d be too much overhead for every level, how about on the 9′s (19, 29, etc…). Thank you!

  3. Frostmage Says:

    Fantastic site idea! All of the data is well laid out making the site informative and easy to use. One thing that would make it even better would be if we could see the data for a specific server. Great work so far!

  4. Elias K. Morris Says:

    Normally I just silently read posts on blogs, but your article and blog has forced me to say something, and you know what that is? GREAT JOB!

  5. World of Warcraft Easy Gold Says:

    Hey!!! Great POST! I’m going to tell everyone I know right now!

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