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A new site design, just in time for patch 4.2

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

We’ve been hard at work redesigning the site from the ground up to give it a new look, and make it easier to find the popular talents, gems, glyphs, enchants, gear and reforges in World of Warcraft.

While the essence of the site (showing what’s popular) stays the same, there are a few important and large changes:

Talent Differences Condensed

Where the site previously showed you the talent names as differences between builds, we now show you the icon.

Above is an example of the new layout. There are three main build types (Build 1, Build 2 and Build 3), and 4 other specs that build off those builds. The icons on the blue and red background indicate the talents that have been removed and added to the main build indicated by the number to the left.

Holding your mouse over each of the icons shows the name of the talent. Where a talent has many ranks (number of talent points you can assign to that talent), you can see how many points were added or removed by looking at the “Rank”. In the above example, I’m hovering my mouse over the Piercing Chill icon. The icon is beside the minus sign so it’s a talent that was removed from Build 3. The tooltip says “Rank 2″ which indicates 2 points of this talent were removed from Build 3 to arrive at this popular spec.

Click on the icon to show the talent itself, or click on the number to the left to show the full talent tree for this spec.

Better locations of filters

We’ve also changed the location of the Enchants, Gear, Gem and Glyph filters. Filters allow you to ‘drill down’ into specific segments of an Enchant, Gear item, Gem or Glyph list so you can find the information you need quicker. For example, if you were looking for a new epic blue gem to fit your Fire-spec Mage. From the Fire Mage Gems list, change the Gem Quality dropdown filter to “Epic” and click on the Blue gem color link. This will present a list of all popular blue epic gems for Fire Mages.

More to come

We’re working on other ways to ‘slice and dice’ our data. Stay tuned for more changes!

Patch 4.2

Finally, as Patch 4.2 was released today, we are busily scanning the Warcraft armory and will have full T12 gear popularity stats soon.